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Chelsea Marie, from a very young age she has involved herself in various activities like basketball, track, soccer, cross-country and it didn’t stop there, she continued her passion through yoga, fitness competitions, running and much more. She has been inspiring and teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle by personal training, fitness classes, and nutrition. Her enthusiasm towards a healthy lifestyle had also led her to found Find Yourself Healthy, like herself she also wants other people to be able to have a better chance at healthy living, feeling good, and be in love with their body. The main mission of Find Yourself Healthy is to have the proper mindset, knowledge, nutrition, training, and lifestyle to be healthy.

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Chelsea Marie Health Transformation
Sometimes hard days become the reason of a successful life and that is what Chelsea Marie is all about. Chelsea grew up in a neighborhood where the water supply was contaminated with 1-trichloroethane, cis-1, 2-dichloroethane, trans 1, 2-dicloroethane, and tetrachloroethene trichlorethylene, TCE and other chlorine substances, with the amount higher than the safely regulations. From this it cost many close neighbors their lives as people around her suffered with kidney and liver problems, reproductive system issues, nervous and heart problem and cancers, and even death. The substances which were used by the industries were being used by her and the neighborhood in cleaning, drinking, cooking and all other household stuff through their everyday use of water.

Unknowingly, Chelsea consumed this water since her birth, which after 19 years of contaminated water her body hit a rock bottom. That was the reason she went through life threatening issues, which turned her towards a more better and nutritious life. During her college life there was many painful times. For four continuous months she was in and out of doctors office sick because of various health issues. She would be sick and tired all the time, suffered from pneumonia, throat issues, and various other health problems. She said, “my body was finally surrendering, it was the year that it had enough of all the contamination.” Chelsea gained 20lbs in less then a month from all of these issues.

Her life took a turn from medical standpoints to holistic when she met a gentleman who provided her support and guidance towards a natural holistic lifestyle approach. She started following various remedies, making healthy juices, and taking good herbs, studying, and doing all that she could. “I have quite a good idea of being a vegetarian, drinking cleansing juice, detoxing, working out, going through symptoms, using supplements, herbs, and more. I read and followed as much as I could. The start was hard, being diagnosed with multiple disorders like PCOS, auto immune, low blood platelets, poor circulation, hypothyroidism, high liver enzyme leakage, and so much more. I finally decided it was enough, I worked hard and became completely holistic. I went furiously with the plan as much as it cleansed all the toxicity I had; there was also a negative effect as you detox it can show in many ways and mine was my skin. I broke out with cystic acne, which caused me depression. It is disturbing when after following a rigid health schedule your skin detoxes and creates acne, but I let it come out and followed my plan completely. I knew it had to get out of me, I knew it was a sign of a healing crisis, I pushed through. I spent my every penny on getting myself a healthy lifestyle, juicing, using various herbs and their supplements, getting proper portion of all the needed nutrients like carbs, proteins minerals, vitamins and water. Now that I have this as my life and lessons from past taught me that whatever we are blessed on earth is there for a reason and we should benefit from the nature. It was a life experience and I learned so much about health, nutrition, fitness, and skin. Now I have grown to love this lifestyle. My past wants me to be there for those who are having a hard time now. You need to provide your body and nourish your mind, and that is what Chelsea Marie helps others do.



Chelsea Marie has a strong experience in weight loss and strength training. She helps her client by providing them with meals ideas and exercise plans by either training them online or in her studio in Boulder, Colorado. She now is National NPC Bikini Competitor, which is where she learned and experienced herself cutting weight, building muscle, and getting ripped. On top of that she is a published, signed fitness model with Wilhelmina. Her work has been published in many credible fitness sources and magazines such as Ultra Running Magazines, Triathlete Magazines, Reebok, BodyBuilding.com, National Physique Committee, and more. She is also the founder behind Find Yourself Healthy, which provides meal ideas, holistic plans, fitness workouts, personal training. You can stay connected to Chelsea through social media, signing up for the findyourselfhealthy newsletter, and working with Chelsea through Find Yourself Healthy.

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