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Chelsea Marie has always had a love and passion towards an active lifestyle. Since she was a little girl she was an avid runner and a sports girl that ranged from basketball, track, soccer, cross-country and has continued to keep active with weight training, calisthenics, yoga, rock climbing, running, hiking, fitness competitions, and a variety more as well as teaching fitness classes and personal training.  Having a sincere love to help people with weight loss, live in a healthy body that they are proud of and achieve their health goals Chelsea has founded Find Yourself Healthy in order to help change peoples lives for the better.  Find Yourself Healthy is to give people the knowledge on fitness, nutrition, and health in order to help them change themselves for the better, to feel great, be proud of themselves, and live a long healthy life. For anybody with the proper mindset, knowledge, nutrition, training, and lifestyle it is possible to Find Yourself Healthy..

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Chelsea Marie Health Transformation     Chelsea Marie went through a fatal hardship with health problems that developed her to search for healing; and it grew into a love for nutrition and holistic health. Throughout her college years, she found herself to be tired and sick almost every week for four months straight. Having to go to the doctor multiple times finding out she would have strep throat, pneumonia, flu, and the list went on continuously as they diagnosed a variety of health problems. For 18 years she along with others on her street were poisoned by underwater contamination of 1-trichloroethane, cis-1, 2-dichloroethane, trans 1, 2-dicloroethane, and tetrachloroethene trichlorethylene, TCE, and other elevated chlorinated solvents at levels higher than what are considered safe by local factories nearby. The chemicals are a common industrial solvent often used for cleaning machinery that can cause a numerous health issues such as liver and kidney damage, nervous, reproductive, and immune system diseases, irregular heartbeats, cancer, death, and more. Water is used for many things such as cooking, bathing, washing your clothes, drinking, etc, everyday since she was born this was put in her body. She witnessed other local neighbors die of cancer, have liver issues, dysentery, and much more.  “I think that was a year my body had enough from all the poison and was going into reserve mode” as she gained 20lbs in less then a month while being sick over and over again. It was the perfect time when she met a man, who introduced her to holistic health, herbs, and natural remedies. Being a guidance, “He taught me so much, with the knowledge I began to apply it. I started taking herbal supplements, juiced, and tried a multitude of remedies. I personally have felt and know what it is like to be vegetarian, vegan, raw, on a juice cleanse, detoxing, building, going through symptoms, using supplements, herbs, and more.  I read and applied everything I possibly could. As I started this journey I continued to be diagnosed with health issues such as hypothyroidism, auto-immune, low blood platelets, PCOS, high liver enzyme leakage, ovarian cyst, asthma, lymph swelling, poor circulation, and much much more. It felt like the list was never-ending. I finally had enough of it all; I was determined to overcome all my sickness and went 100% holistic, and followed my knowledge in juice therapy. I was flushing so much out of my system, which when you detox too fast, it can and did show on my skin, I then developed severe acne from all the changes I was making which brought me to depression. It can be mind boggling when your eating so healthy and looking worse, but I knew I must get it out of your system rather than suppress it, so I kept at it. I spent every paycheck I had to overcome this, worked day in and night, spent time to create home-made remedies, kept a schedule with herbs and supplements, and made sure I received the proper amount of colorful vegetables, fruits, fats, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and water. Applying this everyday, it has became a lifestyle. Going through the hardship personally has taught me what was put on earth was put here for a reason, we all can achieve health naturally. Using my knowledge I learned along with juice therapy I did overcame all my health issues and acne, on top of it I have developed a love in juice therapy, holistic health remedies, herbs, nutrition, yoga, and fitness. With what experiences I went through myself, I want to help others that are seeking a healthy life. Follow my blog, website, videos, and email newsletters to learn ways to heal and take care of your body, nourish your soul and mind.”


trainer-3Chelsea Marie specializes in weight loss and strength training, she is an Jr. National NPC Bikini Competitor that helps clients with nutrition and workout plans as well as personal training online and in person at the Find Yourself Healthy studio located in Boulder, Colorado. She loves to teach group fitness, natural living, personal train,  weight loss and strength training, and health coaching. She is the founder and CEO of FIND YOURSELF HEALTHY,  which provides workouts, recipes, holistic remedies, coaching, health services and wellness products online. You can follow her blog on the website, social media post, or sign up for monthly emails as well for free health and fitness tips from Chelsea.

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